Headphone Calculator

Calculate the sound pressure level of your headphones as well as power and current of your output by using our headphone calculator.


Most people can hardly imagine the resulting sound pressure level of their headphone from just any given voltage level. Arranging an equation with effectivity and impedance of the headphone in question as well as the voltage level are not an easy task for mental arithmetic …


The calculator below helps you find the answers to many questions:

„Will this headphone output be able to drive my cans?“


„Are the headphones (or even my ears) in danger to be damaged?“


„How much power is drawn from the headphone output at a certain signal level“


„Why is there such a big difference in sound pressure level when I use different headphones?“


How to use the calculator:


Simply fill in the specific data of your headphone and the voltage level you are planning to apply. You will get the resulting sound pressure level as well as power and current drawn from the headphone amplifier's output.

To find out the parameters of your headphone model, please consult the corresponding user manual.

Our Techletter Headphone Amplifiers lists the data of some of the most common headphones, starting on page 12.






This service is provided "as is" without any warranty for being error free and without any responsibility for any resulting problems. Please always ensure that the volume of your headphone amplifier is turned to an appropriate level to avoid any damage to your hearing. By using this calculator you agree to above terms.

Headphone parameters


Impedance (Ohms):


Effectivity (dB/mW):




Level (mV):





SPL (dB):


Power (mW):


Current (mA):



Read our Techletter to learn more about headphones and headphone amps:


Hearing protection


Headphones can produce volume levels which may be hazardous to your health. So before you put on your headphones, always check that the selected volume level is not too high.


Permissible exposure times depending on SPL (dBA)

Sound pressure level (dBA) Permissible duration (hours) Permissible duration (minutes) Permissible duration (seconds)
85 8
88 4
91 2
94 1
97 30
100 15
103 7.5
106 225
109 112
112 56
115 28
118 14
121 7

Calculations based on the German Lärm- und Vibrations-Arbeitsschutzverordnung (LärmVibrationsArbSchV) [Noise and Vibrations Occupational Safety and Health Directive]