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StudioCube info sheet

Our StudioCube is the ideal partner for the personal monitoring: it enables a nuanced, transparent and fatigueless listening in the studio and on stage. At the same time this compact headphone amplifier fascinates the most demanding musicians and master sound engineers with its outstanding sound qualities.

Being a musician or a sound nerd, it’s your natural ambition to always deliver optimum results on stage and in the studio. For a pro-level headphone amplifier this ambition poses a special challenge. Our StudioCube copes with any task brilliantly and is your true and flexible companion in every situation. An all-out professional whose uncompromisingly truthful sound you can always depend on.

"I've been shocked at how much the studio cube has been inspirational as a monitoring device. [...] I monitor at lower levels and more relaxing levels than I ever have before.."

— Paul Pilot, Producer

Essential jack-of-all-trades

The StudioCube distinguishes itself by high-class technology and practical features. Its first-grade components, coupled with balanced input stages, give it outstanding sound qualities and a punchy, clean bass reproduction. Like all our devices the StudioCube, too, is a role model for exceptional transparency and extremely low noise.

Its excellent transient behaviour ensures that studio musicians can work at a lower listening volume level. This does not only protect their hearing and allow a longer concentration phase. That way crosstalk from the headphone into the nearby microphones is audibly reduced as well. All people involved can rejoice over a more inspiring, more musical result.

Practical features

Apart from its excellent sound properties the StudioCube offers a number of practical features: it consorts well with virtually every headphone. The front panel has a practical input level indicator and a conveniently located toggle switch to assign a mono signal to both the left and right output channel simultaneously. The Loop output can be used to feed several devices through a daisy chain. Thanks to its special design bracket it mounts very conveniently on a microphone stand or under the table.


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Technical Data

The impressing technical details of the StudioCube.

Input impedance
18 kohms, balanced
Maximum input level
+22 dBu
Gain settings
6 db/12 dB (with jumper)
Frequency response
10 Hz to 40 kHz (-0.5 dB)
Signal to noise ratio
> 90 dB at gain 6 dB
< 0.02 % (0 dBu at 32 ohms)
Channel separation
> 70 dB at 10 kHz
Channel mismatch
< 0.3 dB at maximum volume
Output power
200 mW/33 ohms
Output impedance
5 ohms
Maximum output level
+16 dBu
Connectors IN
2 x XLR combo jack, balanced
Connectors THRU
2 x TRS jack; 6.35 mm; balanced
Connectors headphones
2 x stereo jack 6.35 mm
Operating voltage
24 V DC/250 mA max.
Power consumption
idle < 3 W
self-resetting fuse
Outer dimensions W x D x H
130 mm x 132 mm x 45 mm
0.88 kg netto
Power supply
Mains voltage
100 to 240 V AC
50/60 Hz
Output voltage
24 V DC
Output current
maximum 420 mA


With our accessories you can get even more use out of our products.

Microphone Mount

Microphone Mount

With our U-frame bracket you can fix your StudioCube quite easily on a separate microphone stand or a mounted boom.