Stage 1 Turntable Mat

Stage 1 Turntable Mat

The ideal complement for your turntable

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Stage 1 Turntable Mat info sheet

Are you familiar with this problem? With great care you’ve put together your top-level hifi chain and now you’re pleased to immerse yourself fully into your analogue music treasures. Yet despite the very finest technology even the best recordings are accompanied by annoying static noises! A low rumble, electrified crackling, distorted tones or a muddy bass are clouding the musical enjoyment.

The problem:

When playing back records two different sorts of inadvertent vibrations can distort the sound image:

The direct vibrations of the record itself, which are generated during playback by the stylus moving in the groove, will come back delayed to the pickup due to mechanical reflections on the record’s outer edge and thus distort the signal.

Indirect vibrations due to airborne sound are generated by acoustic waves hitting on the record and thereby causing the stylus to oscillate.

The cartridge picks up all the vibrations without being able to make a distinction between the wanted vibrations from the record playback and the irritating parasitic vibrations. The overlaying of those transients creates the unpleasant jarring notes.

Our solution:

A good turntable mat will decouple the record from the ground, thereby neutralising the vibrations from the turntable drive. Static charges are avoided, the record is lying perfectly flat and vibration-free on the turntable.

The benefits of the Stage 1 turntable mat

  1. Optimum height adjustment for virtually all pickup systems, even very flat ones
  2. Prevention of unwanted resonances
  3. Greater sonority and precision
  4. More sculptural room imaging
  5. Soothed sonic image 
  6. Centre hollow for a perfect contact of the record with the mat
  7. Optimised coupling of the record to the drive
  8. No static charges

This makes the Stage 1 turntable mat the ideal complement for your record player: enjoy a much more precise reproduction in the bass and fundamental range and experience close-up how the dynamics of your music can develop undisturbed. Discover the full goosebumps potential of your record collection!

Technical Data

Stage 1 Turntable Mat
295 mm
6 mm (centre hollow -1 mm)
fine-grained pressed cork