Headphone Gallery

Headphone Gallery

Presents your high-class headphone.

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Like precious works of art in galleries, Headphone Gallery presents your high-class headphone. Manufactured from noble acrylic glass in a timelessly minimalist design and fitted with functional features, Headphone Gallery is a piece of art in your media environment. Headphone Gallery stores the cable away safely, thereby directing the eye to the essential: your headphone.

Headphone Gallery is a customisable accessory. Floating on the wall, it can be easily hung at some other desired place in the twinkling of an eye, and owing to the optional accessories such as the exchangeable front and the pedestal, it offers further creative options. View the product video now.

Headphone Gallery Features at a glance

Enjoy your headphone with Headphone Gallery even when you’re not wearing it.

  • Clear view and perfect headphone presentation
  • Integrated compartment for a safe and discreet cable storage
  • Base plate made of high-quality acrylic glass
  • Well-dimensioned headphone rest with air vents
  • Floating wall attachment due to hidden rail mount
  • individual design possibilities and pedestal (see accessories)
  • Product from renowned manufacturer Lehmannaudio

Headphone Gallery has been honored with three Plus X Award 2015 for the categories "High Quality", "Design" und "Funcionality".

A known problem and an elegant solution

Hifi-enthusiasts often face a certain problem: All those high-end components create a marvellous spatial image of sound, this positive impression is usually underlined by all the components being neatly stored in a rack. Nothing disturbs this audio-visual harmony, were it not for the headphones. They are usually found lying around and even if they are put on a special rack their cables more often than not end up in an ugly tangle.

This problem has been picked up by the headphone-enthusiast and musician Norbert Lehmann. When taking a look at the vinyl frames on the wall above his Hifi setup, the idea for a solution came to his mind.

What if there was an elegant way to prominently display headphones on the wall? This would require a functional solution for cable management, which, so far, nobody provides. If this would be achieved, headphones could finally blend in with the aesthetics of high-end hardware landscape. Thus the idea of the Headphone Gallery was conceived!

A hard piece of work: From its conception to final product

As a German certified sound engineer and well-noted audio developer with more than two decades of experience Norbert Lehmann quickly realised that, in order to realise his new design-focussed product, he would need a very different approach. He worked tirelessly over the next year to perfect the final execution of this idea. Several designers suggested multiple design concepts which, however, would turn the idea of a high-quality hand-crafted product into a faceless industrial product.

The breakthrough came during a long night of work. A new concept was created from scratch: a sleek design without the clunky frame, made from another material and with a more flexible wall mount. Additionally the shape of the headphone mount was changed and the front panel´s fixture was reworked. In this night the foundations for design, look and feel of the Headphone Gallery were created. The new design focussed on uncompromised visibility of the presented headphones and the high quality of materials used. Teaming up with an interior decoration company of a master carpenter and the production manager of a long-established company for acrylic glass production, Lehmannaudio formed the concept into a well-engineered high-quality product.

To the joy and pride of the developer Norbert Lehmann Headphone Gallery was awarded with three much coveted Plus X Awards in the categories "High Quality", "Design" and "Functionality". Scoring three so prestigious awards shortly after completion Headphone Gallery is off to a flying start!

"Headphone Gallery by Lehmannaudio": a display to present your high-end headphones and elegantly hide the cable.