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Friedemann Tischmeyer: Excited Linear user.

After a long search mastering engineer, worldwide respected textbook author and successful lecturer Friedemann Tischmeyer who is booked by the most demanding clientele has finally found the headphone amplifier of his choice: the Linear Pro from Lehmannaudio.


The Californian by adoption is particularly enthusiastic about the absence of artefacts and the relaxed listening even over prolonged working hours. Tischmeyer on the device: "The Linear is phenomenal - a whole new dimension of headphone work!". Tischmeyer's preferred headphone set is the HD 800, Sennheiser's top-of-the-line model which has already spurred a new worldwide headphones boom.

In an interview with the owner of the manufacturing company Lehmannaudio, certified sound engineer Norbert Lehmann, Friedemann Tischmeyer outlines some basics of his work and explains in detail the significance of dynamics in music productions. First of all his statements mark a definite acquittal of the sound pressure level as the "sole evil cause" of hearing damages. Tischmeyer accuses the compression level, i.e. the loss of dynamics (hence the gap size between loud and soft passages in music), of being the essential cause of jeopardising our hearing ability - an opinion that is shared by reknowned physicians and scientific institutes.

As of now the whole interview may be downloaded free of charge as PDF under the following URL. On the exhibition stand of the Synthax company (among others also distributor for RME, Fatar, PSI, Studiologic, Mogami, Ultrasone and TrueSystems) which coordinates the worldwide distribution of the Pro-Audio devices for Lehmannaudio, the interview will be available in printed form at the Frankfurt Music Fair 2010 which will take place between March 24th and March 27th on the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt.

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