Rhineland serenity with audiophile ambitions

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Rhinelander info sheet

Despite all the down-to-earthness of an entry-level model – this ambitious headphone amplifier will open up a whole new world of musical enjoyment to you. The Rhinelander stands fully in the high-end tradition of the Lehmannaudio products. With its superior set of features it shows a marked contrast to other devices in its price class.

If you have taken a sceptical stance towards headphones so far, the Rhinelander will fully convince you of the contrary. From now on using headphones will never again be a compromise aiming to keep domestic peace, but a pleasant way to fully indulge in your passion for music. Ultra low-noise, transparent and with an impressive performance potential … an addictive sound experience is awaiting you.

"Perhaps, more than with any affordable headphone amp we can recall, the sound just keeps you there listening after bedtime and you’ll find yourself enjoying familiar recordings as never before."

— Hi-Fi Choice

Your first step into the world of headphone amps

The sonic kinship with the Linear reference device is due to the specially selected, high-grade components and sophisticated circuit design. The Rhinelander has a well dimensioned, discrete class A solid-state output stage with no overall negative feedback, which holds sufficient power reserves available for most common headphones and also gives your favourite sounds an impressive clarity.

An impressive all-rounder

Moreover, our entry-level model is equipped with plenty of other audiophile components: for instance, we have chosen low-loss MKP capacitors for the audio path and a double-sided pc board for an optimum layout. Low ESR electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, an integrated voltage gain stage and a Neutrik headphone socket serve to optimise the audiophile device. The volume controls are handpicked to ensure a high synchronism and to keep localisation as stable as on the recording.

In addition the Rhinelander features two inputs plus an input selection via a high-quality relay. By the way, it also knows how to delight as a high-class single-source preamplifier. The single-source preamp mode is active as default setting. Such an elaborate construction with exquisite components is unique in a headphone amplifier of this price range.


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    Technical Data

    The impressing technical details of the Rhinelander.

    Input impedance
    47 kOhms
    Maximum gain
    6 dB, 20 dB
    jumper configurable
    Frequency response
    20 Hz (-0.3 dB) to 35 kHz (-1 dB)
    Signal to noise ratio
    > 95 dB at gain 0 dB
    Channel separation
    > 70 dB/10 kHz
    Power consumption
    app. 3 VA
    Output power
    120 mW/33 ohms
    100 mW/330 ohms
    Output impedance
    5 Ohms
    Connectors audio
    Neutrik headphone jacks with gold plated contacts
    gold plated RCA jacks
    Outer dimensions W x D x H
    135 mm x 110 mm x 47 mm
    0.4 kg netto


    The Rhinelander is available with two faceplate finishes.

    Rhinelander Aluminium (silver)

    Aluminium (silver)

    Aluminium (silver)Aluminium (black)



    "The four dynamic headphones of the test panel were no problem for the Lehmann: With downright stoical determination it was keeping the diaphragms in a musically appropriate motion, producing an energetic, contoured and yet delicate sound."

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    Hifi Choice

    "Lehmann's products always seem to be highly individual, and this amp is no exception. OK, it’s basically the same as all the other units here in essential operation, but it can be reconfigured (by means of internal jumpers) to serve as a single-input preamp."

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    hifi & records

    "The Rhinelander is extremely good at the accurate structuring of rooms where the positions of the musicians are easily recognized. And it's powerful, too: it could even drive a 600 ohms headphone without sounding stressed."

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