Traveller to win awards already before sales launch

Traveller to win awards already before sales launch

Already before its official sales launch in mid July our new portable Traveller headphone amplifier has been highly decorated: on Thursday the Plus X Awards were handed over at the former German Bundestag building in Bonn during a formal ceremony.

On Thursday, 05 June 2014, laureates and decision-makers gathered in the plenar hall of the first German Bundestag building in Bonn as part of the festive Plus X Award Night for the world’s most prestigious innovation award in the divisions of Technology, Lifestyle and Sports. In concert with enterprises like Mercedes-Benz, Bose and Canon, this year Lehmannaudio from Bergisch Gladbach was able to convince, too: the international, independent expert jury granted prizes to the Lehmannaudio Traveller mobile headphone amplifier in the categories High Quality, Innovation and Design. Furthermore the Traveller received the special ’Best Product of the Year 2014’ award.

For the Plus X Award only those products will be considered which show a distinctive, prize-worthy added value – hence a ’Plus X’ factor. Criteria are, among others, innovative technologies, unique designs, intelligent control concepts as well as durability and quality of the products.

“I am very happy that we could win over the jury with the Traveller and that it received this important award already before the official product launch“, says Lehmannaudio’s executive director Norbert Lehmann delightedly. Lehmannaudio has developed this device for a generation who is constantly on the move: no matter if at home, in the office or when travelling – the Traveller will always give you a unique sound experience, everywhere. Being a fully analogue headphone amplifier, it provides a relief for the signal source and delivers a sound like you’ve never heard before from your smartphone or player. Plus it meets even the highest aesthetic expectations. The bottom line is: the Traveller sets a new standard in the league of mobile headphone amplifiers.

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