Episode 1: In studio with 'The Masters'

Episode 1: In studio with 'The Masters'

Mastering has long been recognised as belonging to the art of audio business where the highest sonic judgement meets the best technical equipment.

However, it takes more than just a passionate sound engineer and so-called ”good“ sounding equipment to achieve long-term success. Maarten de Boer must be doing things right. For our first podcast episode, we visited him in his Netherland-based mastering studio 'The Masters' which has been active successfully on the market for more than twenty years.

At first, De Boer clearly defines his role as a mastering engineer within the audio production process. He receives the finished tracks from the recording studios and improves upon colour, dynamics and levels, thus taking the musical material to its full acoustic potential. For this purpose he uses the best possible analogue and digital equipment.

This is what makes the subsequent tour through his studio equipment so exciting: what devices with what kind of qualities enable him to produce audiophile masterings? Check it out in the video above!

De Boer concludes with a wise studio saying and we wish him all the best for the future.

"We are treating music, and that is what it's all about. In this time and age you have to realize, that even if it's digital – real life is analogue!”"

— Maarten de Boer

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