Benefits of mobile Headphone Amplifiers

Benefits of mobile Headphone Amplifiers

You are in fact never as satisfied with the quality of mobile reproduction as with your hifi system back home. But where is actually that bottleneck which limits the mobile sonic perfection?

Listening to music means to experience emotions. Yet the depth and intensity of these emotions largely depend on the quality of reproduction. The more precise – and therefore better – the reproduction is, the more easily you will be able to comprehend the incredibly profound realms of your favourite music. An adequately high-grade mobile headphone amplifier can help you achieve this quality of reproduction.

Today there is a huge number of superb headphones and virtually unlimited storage space available to have uncompressed audio files with you anytime. The weakest link in the playback chain is mostly the amplifier then. A headphone represents a very particular load. A carefully designed amplifier circuit is therefore at least as indispensable for a natural reproduction over headphones as for loudspeakers. Velocity, spaciousness and depth ot reproduction will increase dramatically once you put our Traveller – a premium-grade headphone amplifier.– between your smartphone or mobile player and your headphone.

The sound of the recording shall be reproduced with as few artefacts as possible. But some headphones require up to 500 times more input power for the same volume level than others. Mobile phones and portable players, which were fitted with a headphone socket under the industrial austerity mandate, cannot compete here. So in view of these demanding prerequisites the built-in headphone output of your mobile devices can only be a makeshift solution at best.

Imagine a cyclist is riding uphill on a Dutch bicycle in the third gear with a heavy rucksack on his back. As a result he will get exhausted pretty soon. His movements become uncontrolled, his face reddens and he begins to sweat heavily. One may doubt if he will make it up that mountain at all. Now if you take off the rucksack from this cyclist’s back and let him ride on the same bike simply straight on over a flat terrain, things will be quite different: the ride will suddenly be totally relaxed. The same happens with the headphone output on a mobile device. If not the complex load of a headphone is connected directly here, but the unproblematic line input of the Traveller, a completely different sound experience will come up. Hence the Traveller will efficiently relieve your sound source and take the quality of reproduction of your smartphone or mobile player to an unsuspected degree.

Finally you have the freedom to enjoy your music in its original quality. No matter when or where – our Traveller is ready to go.

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